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About XXCELL ...

500+ references spread out over five families of products: LED light bulbs, indoor/outdoor lighting, portable lighting and batteries…
For over 20 years, XXCELL has been providing its technological marvels to a wide range of market segments.

Today, XXCELL places innovation at the centre of its activities and is constantly on the look out for consistent improvements in the quality of its products. Even better, XXCELL never looses sight of the importance of price and customer needs.

XXCELL, the #1 challenger !

XXCELL rivals of excellence with the leading brands on all their lighting products and power batteries.
As a very active challenger in France, we regularly offer better price / quality ratio .

Edison light bulbs

Are you a vintage enthusiast ? Do you fancy retro atmosphere ? Find the grain and the warm glow of yesteryear with beautiful reissues of filament bulbs .

LED light bulbs

Thanks to the revolutionary LED lighting technology , you will be able to reduce energy consumption up to 80% compared to incandescent lamps of the same brightness !


Bring the security and safety of high quality illumination to a variety of outdoor and indoor applications . We provide plenty of energy saving options !

Flashlights & torchs

Check out our best selection of led flashlight & torch to buy, including super bright, lightweight, zoomable & easy to use rechargeable lamps for any kind of your activity.


Light your way with a LED headlamp.


Explore alkaline, lithium, coin button & rechargeable batteries, chargers, and more from XXCELL ! Our long lasting power solutions help to keep you going !



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